Meghan King Reveals She’s Dating Again After Cuffe Biden Owens Breakup


The president’s nephew, who works as a lawyer in Los Angeles, has not commented publicly on his split from the Missouri-based former reality star, who has denied reports that physical distance caused their breakup. She did not specify whether any documents were filed to end the marriage.

“It doesn’t feel like a marriage,”Meghan shared her thoughts on the podcast. “It just feels like a three-month dating relationship that [had] an abrupt start and an abrupt end. So like, I’m talking to my therapist about it and she’s like, ‘Meg, you’re fine.’ It seems like it should be serious because you put the title ‘marriage’ on it, but it wasn’t.”

Meghan added that she thinks she “learned a lesson”From her relationship with Cuffe. “I think about it as a memory,”She spoke. “And I’m sad it didn’t work out. I had hopes for it, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten married. But it’s fine. It literally feels just like a nostalgic memory of some sort.”

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