Meghan King says she’ll honor “Non-Traditional Relationships”In 2023


Meghan King is starting 2023 with a clean slate.

The Real Housewives of Orange CountyAlum reveals her plans for having “the year of Meghan”In a Jan. 4 blog postShe has plans to rebuild her personal and romantic relationships after her divorce from her husband. Cuffe Biden.

“I will explore my sexuality if I want to,”She shared. “and I will honor plutonic and non-traditional relationships in ways Western society has done this disservice of making us believe are unimportant.”

Meghan revealed that she was in a relationship with the nephew of President Joe BidenThey were married in September 2021, and they got married two months later, on October 11. Their whirlwind romance ended shortly afterwards, when they split in December that year.

Listing more of her New Year’s resolutions—including eliminating antidepressants and hormonal supplements, standing up for herself in person and online and using her platform to invoke change for women and children—the Bravo star also revealed one big change she’s making this year is “no more photos of my children’s faces.”

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