Meghan Markle Allegedly Taken Over Harry’s Life, Prince Supposedly Can’t Leave Without Her Permission, Sketchy Rumors Claim


Meghan Markle Prince HarryThey are a private couple who never cease to appear in the tabloids. Just about every week, there’s another story painting a portrait of a domineering Markle asserting control over Harry. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has encountered about Markle’s alleged control over Harry.

Prince Harry ‘Completely Taken Over’

Per Woman’s DayMarkle is Harry’s sole support. According to a royal expert, Harry is dependent on Markle. “so emotionally needy that he’s been completely and utterly taken over by Meghan.” He’s apparently too codependent to even notice how far gone he is. According to another source “Perhaps he’ll wake up and realize he’s living in Goop and he has to get the hell out, go down to the pub, and see his mates.”

In truth, Harry just loves California as Markle. This was a sexist story attacking Harry’s masculinity simply because he moved to California to protect this family. These stories are shameful for the human race. Harry doesn’t have to love his wife or children to be weak.

Trapped Under Meghan Markle’s Thumb

The following is an extract from the National Enquirer, Harry has finally given in to Markle’s whims. A body language expert says he’s lost any power in his marriage: “Meghan seems to have taken a much more vulnerable Harry back to the U.S. with her. She seems to be more in the role of rescuer and protector with him.” As a result, they say, Harry is stuck under Markle’s thumb with no hope of regaining control.

It is a pseudoscience to analyze body language. The photos were taken over a decade ago by this so-called expert. This was transparent, inflammatory hogwash without any real evidence. Harry and Markle are not fighting for victory, but a married couple who have a family.

Markle Threatens Divorce

Finally, In TouchHarry is now under house arrest, according to Markle. Markle threatened Harry with divorce if Harry left her house without her consent, according to a source. A source says, “He’s disappeared on her at least six times in 12 months. She’s at home with the kids … the more Meghan nags him, the more she pushes him away.”The snitch said Harry is forced to live double life in order to escape her control.

Harry and Markle are not photographed often, however. That’s because they’re busy raising two babies. Again, Gossip CopThis narrative is void of any evidence. Harry and Markle have fallen in love. It is not possible to divorce them.

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