Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Take a Shot at Spotify for Misinformation in a $30 Million Partnership


Spotify is under fire for hosting Joe Rogan’s podcast. It has been a source major disinformation regarding COVID-19. Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, music legends, have removed their music from Spotify in protest of Rogan’s antivaccination views. Spotify signed a $30 million deal with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and they have not broken it. issue a statement We are against spreading misinformation.

“Since the inception of Archewell, we have worked to address the real-time global misinformation crisis,”Their rep wrote. “Hundreds of millions of people are affected by the serious harms of rampant mis- and disinformation every day.”

“Last April, our co-founders began expressing concerns to our partners at Spotify about the all-too-real consequences of COVID-19 misinformation on its platform,”The statement was continued. We continue to voice our concerns to Spotify and urge them to make changes to their platform to address the public health crisis. We expect Spotify to address this crisis and will continue to work with it.”

On Sunday, Spotify said it will add a COVID-19 advisory to podcasts that discuss the pandemic and will finally make its platform rules public. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek claimed that their platform policies have been “in place for many years, but admittedly, we haven’t been transparent around the policies that guide our content more broadly.” He continued, “This raised questions regarding their applicability to serious issues such as COVID-19.”

As criticism of Spotify’s continuing silence about Rogan’s controversial podcast mounted, it “It became crystal clear” to Ek that the company has an “We have an obligation to do more for balance and access to well-accepted information, both from the scientific and medical communities who are guiding us in this momentous time.” One of the steps they are taking in response to the controversy is making the Platform Rules public on the Spotify website.

Next, the company will add a “content advisory” to any podcast that includes discussions about COVID-19. The advisory will tell listeners to check out Spotify’s COVID-19 Hub, which includes podcast episodes featuring interviews with doctors, scientists, academics, and international public health authorities, and links to trusted sources. “The new effort to counter misinformation will soon be made available to other countries in the world. Ek said that the content advisory is unique to Ek’s knowledge.

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