Meghan Markle Calls Out for Allegations ‘Taking Advantage’ Of Princess Eugenie In Royal Family Feud


It is Princess EugenieTaken in Meghan Markle‘s web? One tabloid claims Markle is taking advantage of her cousin-in-law. Here’s what we know about Markle and Eugenie’s friendship.

Meghan Markle ‘Using’Princess Eugenie

This week OK! Reports claim that Meghan Markle turned Princess Eugenie in to her unwitting royal rat. Markle secretly uses her friendship with Eugenie to monitor the royal family. Markle loves Eugenie and is genuinely fond of her. “she’s still utilizing her as a go-between for her own ends,”Insider charges And Eugenie isn’t the only one fooled by Markle’s charm.

Apparently, Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooksbank, is caught up in Markle’s game as well. “[Markle] is using them as de facto message bearers to pass along her warm wishes to the Windsors,”The snitch whispers. “However, she’s also making excuses for her and Harry’s public bashing of the family, along with veiled pleas for sympathy and understanding.”

But the rest of the royals aren’t so gullible. They “are well aware of what’s going on and aren’t fooled by it,”These are the tipster’s notes. “There’s only one way Meghan and Harry can earn their respect or have any chance of forgiveness — and that’s to issue an apology in person!”

Meghan Markle ‘Keeping Tabs’The Royals Through Princess Eugenie

Eugenie may keep Markle informed about family gossip, but does she also talk to the tabloid? Because otherwise, we’d love to know how this outlet knows about Eugenie’s conversations both with Markle and the rest of her relatives. Since we’re guessing Eugenie isn’t ringing up the tabloids to gossip about herself, the word of these unnamed “insiders”We are not convinced by their claims. And since this tipster doesn’t have any other evidence to back up their claims, we’re guessing the whole story was a work of fiction.

That being said, it’s no secret that the Sussexes are still close with Eugenie. Last year, Markle was wished a happy birthday by the princess. participating in her 40×40 charity initiative. Markle shared a story about a special occasion that she fondly remembered. Halloween night was spent with Harry, Eugenie and their son.While on Ellen DeGeneres Show It was only a few months ago. We doubt Eugenie and Markle trick Eugenie into doing anything.

The Tabloid on Meghan Markle

To make matters even more suspicious, OK! The magazine has terrible reporting about Meghan Markle. The magazine shares wild gossip in an attempt to portray Markle as a calculated villain who is on a crusade for the royal family. According to the outlet, Markle was last year “kicking up a fuss”The royals demanded that she be allowed to return to the UK. Then the publication claimed Markle’s morning routine involved Googling her name several times. The magazine also claimed Markle was feuding for Kristen Stewart’s role in the movie. Spencer. Obviously, OK! isn’t reliable when it comes to the Duchess of Sussex.

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