Meghan Markle Gets Hit for Visiting Uvalde. But Not Her Father


It’s hard for Meghan MarkleYou can do anything and everything without being judged or hated. Even the most kind of gestures can be viewed as evil. She visited the Uvalde school shooting memorial earlier this year and was criticized for it. Let’s study what happened.

A Tragic and Unforgiveable Event

The Robb Elementary School, Uvalde Texas, was a scene of tragedy on May 24, 2022. Two teachers and 19 students died. Vile is not enough to describe what occurred that day. It stopped America dead in its tracks. The lack of response from law enforcement was disgusting, and it was yet another horrific reminder that there really isn’t anywhere safe for children in the United States.

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The story of how the world responded is another. Congress once again failed to pass any meaningful change—the shooting became just another talking point for political agendas. To avoid traumatizing its students again, the school will be demolished.

Meghan Markle went there

It doesn’t matter what any celebrity thinks about the event in the grand scheme. Markle was so moved by the events that she went down to Uvalde to lay flowers near the Uvalde County Courthouse. Of course, the press snapped photos of Markle’s visit.

Markle doesn’t have social media, so the photos weren’t posted on anything she controls. While millions of people used social media to draw attention to Uvalde’s death, Markle was able to fly there to pay her respects. This is at best a touching gesture that shows compassion for a nation in mourning. At worst, it’s truly not a big deal.

Hit Piece is In

The answer is obvious. Daily MailThe photos were taken and it was clear that there was blood in the water. The newspaper published an attack piece on Markle for visiting Uvalde, while Thomas Markle, her father, was being treated at the hospital after suffering a stroke. The article accused Meghan that she cares more about the children who died in the shooting than about her siblings.

The piece became a straw man attack against Meghan for her trip to the Platinum Jubilee. Just as a reminder, Thomas has actively undermined Meghan’s desires ever since she got married. He’s literally facing her in court. Estrangement doesn’t end just because someone’s in the hospital.

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Thomas was stable and made a complete recovery. Thomas was released in less than a month after 21 people were killed in Ulvade. Meghan’s priorities were exactly where they should have been.

This is all a lesson in the dangers of tabloids. It is not fair to trash Meghan’s showing a bit of empathy after a massacre. Thomas’ condition had absolutely no relevance to Meghan’s decision to visit the site. Even paying one’s respects at a memorial for victims of violence is apparently not good enough for the Daily Mail. Shame on you.

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