Meghan Markle Interviewer Criticizes Book’s Claims That He Was ‘Manipulated.


Meghan MarkleI sat down with them for an interview Vanity FairOctober 2017. A new biography has placed the details of the interview under microscope. The interviewer disputes Markle’s claim that he manipulated him. Here’s what’s going on.

Interview with Meghan Markle

The royal family was very different. Sam Kashner and Markle sit down together2017 Prince Andrew’s horrible misdeeds were unknown, and Prince Harry was ringless in the United Kingdom. Kashner and Markle spoke about many topics, including life in Toronto and Harry’s media storm and continuing success. Suits.

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The interview was flattering. “Her warmth is genuine,”Kashner adds that she was managing her newfound fame. “with surprising aplomb.”He calls her “the calm in the center of the media storm.” Years later and she’s still at the center of the storm.

What Really Happened?

Tom Bower is a royal biographer and will release excerpts from his book Revenge: Harry, Meghan and the War Between the Windsors. One piece published in The TimesThis was the exact interview between Kashner and Markle.

Apparently, Kashner told Markle that she loved himBecause of his stutter. It made her feel as if he was actually there. “not a typical journalist. This supposedly left Kashner feeling like he and Markle were “players”Some kind of “cat-and-mouse game.”In other words, he felt manipulated by a manipulative Markle.

It’s not true, but what really, truly happened?

This excerpt has been a big hit and Kashner has written a letter to address it. The Times rebutting Bower’s version of events. “I’m afraid Tom Bower didn’t convey my admiration and respect for Meghan Markle,” Kashner writes. “I found Ms. Markle to be exceptionally warm and gracious and admired her intelligence and her remarkable courage, as I still do.”

“The piece itself was quite laudatory,” Kashner continues. Judging by the piece, it is clear that Markle performs exceptionally well. The Vanity Fair writer makes a point of rebutting another of Bower’s claims: “I do not have a stutter. I may hem and haw a bit but a stammer is not a stutter and, as far as I know, Ms. Markle never said she liked me because of it.”

Kashner ends by congratulating Harry & Markle on their marriage and offering excellent advice. “Theirs is clearly a love match, so maybe we should stop piling on and let the couple live their life in peace.” 

Bower has not responded to Kashner’s rebuttal. This is not a good look for his upcoming biography, which already features shady stories about Markle remaining hated by Harry’s closest friends. Since Markle or Harry personally disavowing the book is extremely unlikely, stories like Kashner’s are all the more important to keep in mind.

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