Meghan Markle is criticized by the Royal Gossip for allegedly trying to imitate Princess Diana during a recent outing


Is it? Meghan MarkleTrying to duplicate Princess Diana? One outlet claims to have the wife of Prince HarryIs acting just like his mother. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hard Times For Harry’

The following is the GlobeMarkle appears to be trying to imitate Diana’s public behavior. A body language expert examined the footage taken by Markle at the Invictus Games. “ramped up the drama”for the many cameras. Markle was able to express her inner sadness, while Harry was hiding it. “excitement, delight and enthusiasm”She sat and watched the games.

The expert also notes that Markle used holding Harry’s hand to send a message of “affection and togetherness.”Markle, upon greeting the Romanian team members in Romania, shook hands with them while holding her bag on her shoulder. Expert says it was “similar to the kind of slightly bashful, friendly sign Diana would add to her greeting.” Markle’s mimicry did not go unnoticed, nor did Harry’s bashful demeanor, the outlet notes.

Is Meghan Markle Imitating Diana?

Take a moment to look at this story. A body language expert claims Markle shakes hands with a Romanian serviceman in an attempt copy Diana. Markle only did one thing: She shook hands with a Romanian soldier. GlobeFound something to attack. Tabloids shouldn’t be used to invoke the Princess of Wales, particularly for such an inane matter as this.

It should go without saying that a body language expert doesn’t know anything at all. All they’re doing is staring at pictures and spouting nonsense. Although it is obvious that spouses should hold hands to show affection, Harry’s look down doesn’t justify saying that he misses England. He’s wearing sunglasses in these photos, so he’s probably just looking down to keep his eyes out of the light.

Gossip Cop sees right through this story as a desperate attempt to bash Markle when all she’s doing is standing around. She was just shaking hands. That’s it and that’s all. Diana may have shaken hands too, but it’s impossible for Markle to have replicated her handshaking technique just to be more like her mother-in-law.

Meghan Markle Myths

The Globe claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would flee California because they’re so unpopular. We should not forget that Markle once staged a miscarriage in order to get publicity. There are no depths this rag won’t stoop to for the sake of a hit piece. This body language story is utter nonsense that doesn’t warrant a second thought.

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