Meghan Markle meets Prince Harry incognito on a Halloween date before her wedding


Meghan Markle described the moment she went incognito on a Halloween Date with Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke openly to Ellen DeGeneres, a presenter on Ellen’s daytime program. She described how Prince Harry and she went on undiscovered to have a great night before getting married.

Meghan explained that they were not aware of it because they had to keep it secret, as the public was not permitted to know.

Ellen, a presenter, said to Meghan that she had to keep quiet when she was with the Prince. Meghan agreed.

Ellen asked: “And you got to go to a Halloween party?”

Meghan laughed: “We did.

“He visited me in Toronto with our friends, his cousin Ugene, and Jack, her husband.

“And the 4 of us slipped out in Halloween costumes for one night on the city before it was out in the world that we were a married couple.

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