Meghan Markle ‘never a good fit’Expert says royals should be honored


Meghan Markle was “never a good fit” for the Royal Family as it’s “all about focus on others”A royal journalist claimed the title.

Lee Cohen believes the Duchess Of Sussex wasn’t a reincarnation of herself. “good fit”Royals because of their selfless nature.

He said that he had told the Daily Express: “Suffice to say she certainly has not endeared herself to the British and that’s a great shame because the UK opened her with welcoming arms from the beginning.

“They were enthusiastic, possibly due to a misunderstanding of what it meant to be a member the Royal Family, or total disinterest.

Lee Cohen believes that Meghan wasn't a “good fit” for the royals due to the selflessness nature of the role
Lee Cohen believes Meghan was not a “good fit”The selfless nature and generosity of the role explains the appreciation for the royals

“Largely, I think it’s owing to the fact that service in the Royal Family is all about focus on others and not oneself and that seems to run counter to her plans.

“It was never a good fit for Meghan as a member the Royal Family.”

Experts have said Meghan seems to have “moved on” from her royal life after her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Royal commentators Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito said her pranks on the Ellen show were “cringe” but showed that Meghan now feels “Free to be herself.

Lee Cohen believes that the UK received Meghan with open arms
Lee Cohen believes Meghan was welcomed with open arms by the UK

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Ms. Bowie stated these words during the Royally Obsessed podcast: “Obviously this is a person who has serious f***s to give about anything.

“I feel like she knows what she’s doing in a way that is kind of rubbing the tabloids’ face in the mud about this. She knows they are going to latch on to anything she does.

“This person is free and happy with who they are, but also uncomfortable.”

Ms Fiorito added: “I immediately thought of Harry on James Corden’s show before Oprah.

It is said however that Meghan has “moved on” from her royal life after her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show
Experts agree that Meghan has “moved on”From her royal life

“He was showing off his military expertise, he was sipping high tea on a double decker bus, it was an homage to his royal roots. But with Meghan on Ellen, there were no royal references made.

“It was a choice that I felt, Meghan is moving forward from it and doesn’t need to be serious.

Silver Screen Beat reached out to the Duchess and requested her comments.