Meghan Markle: Prince Harry Must Get a Paternity Test To Prove Prince Charles Isn’t His Father


Every week, there seems to be more drama and breaking news about the royal family, and it’s shown no sign of stopping. One tabloid claimed last year that the royal family was involved in a scandal. Meghan MarkleIt was presuring Prince Harry to get a DNA test because she didn’t think Prince CharlesHe was his father. Gossip CopIt is time to look back at the narrative and see how true it was. 

Meghan Markle wanted Prince Harry to take a DNA test 

It was almost a year ago. Woman’s DayThe allegations were that the Duke and Duchess hid a secret for many decades. Interview with BBC 25 years ago “Diana admitted she was very much in love with dashing cavalry officer James Hewitt.” After watching that interview, Meghan Markle was convinced Prince Charles was not Prince Harry’s real father. An insider claims that Markle asked Prince Harry this question. “to get a DNA test once and for all.”

Markle was motivated to go through with it due to the couple’s split from the royal family. According to an insider, “It could actually solve all their problems if James was Harry’s real father” because he’d no longer be a royal. The magazine went on to claim even Prince Charles wasn’t sure if Prince Harry was really his child. 

Is Prince Charles Actually Prince Harry’s Real Dad?

This story was impossible for me to believe. Woman’s DayThis was the original publication. When Gossip Cop first analyzed the story, it simply seemed like a way for the tabloid to cash in on the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s PanoramaInterview. 

Although Princess Diana admitted to an affair with James Hewitt in a statement, the affair began in 1989 when Prince Harry was 5 years old. You can also read: Hewitt has also denied the rumors. about being Prince Harry’s real father. In fact, Hewitt published a tell-all book about his affair with Princess Diana, so it seems unlikely that he’d leave something as big as that out. 

Therefore, both Princess Diana, and Hewitt have denied the rumors. Gossip CopIt is very unlikely that this story ever happened. It was simply a way for a tabloid (once more) to portray Meghan Markle in a negative light. Given the fact that such a dramatic reveal — and the unchanging identity of his mother — would do nothing but bring more drama and unwanted attention to the couple, the tale is outright laughable now.

Other bogus rumors about Meghan Markle 

Unfortunately, the tabloids seemingly have no issue throwing Meghan Markle under the bus in every conceivable way. Just a few years ago, this was an example. A New Idea claimed Markle filed a lawsuit that would prevent Queen Elizabeth from ever seeing Archie. This story is false again. Markle never filed any lawsuit against Queen Elizabeth II and the bad blood they supposedly shared for the queen never existed.