Meghan Markle takes the flack for Prince Harry being difficult


Meghan Markle is reportedly ‘taking the flack for Prince Harry being difficult’, claims biographer Andrew Morton. The writer appeared on This Morning earlier today (October 6), where he spoke about the updated version of his 2018 Meghan biography Meghan: The Hollywood Princess.

During his interview with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Morton claimed that Meghan is seemingly ‘taking the flack for Harry being difficult’ as other Royal Duchesses have done also. He added that Meghan was comparable to Princess Diana and Fergie in this instance. Morton said: “When you look down through the years, the Royal Duchess is the one that takes the flack.

“Fergie got the flack early on in her marriage, Diana was called a friend and a monster after she’d been in the family for about eighteen months or so. It is the case that the woman gets the blame.” The comments followed Morton previously sharing an anecdote where he believed Meghan was publically perceived as being a “Duchess difficult”.

The biographer claimed that it was actually the Duke of Sussex who “threw a bit of a fit” in a dispute over a tiara before the couple’s wedding in May 2018. Asked about his belief that “Harry and Meghan thought the entire institution was conspiring against them”, Morton replied: “Well, it seems to me that Harry did.

“Harry did feel what you might call the men in grey, as Diana used to call them, the suits were quite hostile and he took umbrage for example when the hairdresser arrived from New York for a fitting for the tiara and the tiara wasn’t available and he threw a bit of a fit. Morton also suggested that Meghan and her royal sister-in-law Kate Middleton made peace after their infamous wedding row as a feud between them ‘benefited neither party’.

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