Meghan Markle’s Funeral Dress Was A Throwback Tribute For Queen Elizabeth


Meghan MarkleThe Queen Elizabeth Foundation continues to honor her, paying tribute in more ways that may initially seem obvious. 

A Tribute Fit for A Queen

On September 18, Markle attended Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, wearing an elegant yet understated black dress. As she approached the funeral, the public caught a glimpse of the duchess through the car’s windows. Markle was wearing all black, with a wide-brimmed hat. However, when she left the vehicle, her entire outfit was on display and many people were captivated.

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As Markle walked into the church for the queen’s funeral, she was seen sporting a beautiful black dress with a sophisticated cape. The Stella McCartney dress worn in the funeral by Markle was just below her knees, keeping with the dress code. The sleek ensemble was completed with black tights and stiletto shoes. A large, tilted black cap completed the look. Emphasizing her sophisticated look, Markle’s hair is in a low bun that fits neatly under her hat. The polished look is completed with minimal makeup, except for a bold smokey eye.

Queen Elizabeth: A Tribute to the Queen

It’s one thing to stay within the dress code for a royal funeral. It’s another to pay tribute through fashion. After Markle displayed her beautiful outfit to the public and the duchess explained the homage she was giving to the queen, The dress Markle wore to the funeral was the exact same dress, besides the color, that she wore to the queen’s 92nd birthday in April 2018. Markle wore a navy dress to celebrate her birthday instead of the dark mournful black gown she wore at the funeral.

However, the tribute to the queen didn’t stop at the dress. A set of diamond and pearl earrings was also worn by Markle, which many people recognize. The gift was from the queen and was presented to Markle just before their solo 2018 outing.

A Family Affair

Markle arrived at the funeral solo since her husband, Prince Harry, was a participant in the procession of his grandmother’s coffin from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. Even so, Markle appeared at the queen’s funeral at the same time as her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. It turns out that Middleton was also a jewelry-maker who honored the queen. Middleton wore a Japanese pearl choker necklace, which was believed to have been treasured by the monarch. According to some, fashion is a family tradition.

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