Meghan Markle’s latest Ellen interview will make Palace ‘dread everything’, expert warns


Meghan Markle’s latest TV interview with Ellen will make Buckingham Palace “dread everything”A royal expert warned.

The Duchess is scheduled to appear on The Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres again on Thursday.

In the teaser video of their chat Meghan recalls the set where she auditioned for roles in her acting career. Daily Mirror reports.

She recalls the Ford Explorer she used for her driving, with a key that was often out of order. This meant she had to climb up the boot to get into the car.

Meghan jokes that when Meghan was an actress, security guards on the set would tell Meghan. “break a leg”As she showed up to auditions, she added: “The drive in today was very different.”

Meghan Markle will appear on The Ellen Show on Thursday
The Ellen Show will feature Meghan Markle on Thursday

Meghan also revealed that Lilibet is five months old and is currently teething.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has suggested that the interview will “spark dread at the Palace… because she can be so rude”, with the chat expected to be watched by millions.

She went on to describe the Duchess of Sussex as “ruthless” and “desperate for publicity”, while “trying to be a really natural ordinary girl”.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has suggested that the interview will “spark dread at the Palace" because "she [Meghan] can be so rude"
Royal biographer Angela Levin has suggested that the interview will “spark dread at the Palace” because “she [Meghan]It can be so rude

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She claimed that she was Silver Screen Beat “Meghan was acting that everything was wonderful and so funny and isn’t she sweet and a bit shy. And it’s not going to work really.

“She’s desperate for publicity, desperate for people to watch and see her.”

It is her second big sit-down interview since quitting the Royal Family alongside Prince Harry last year and her tell-all talk with Oprah Winfrey in March.

Ellen DeGeneres had been tipped to land the first interview with Meghan and Harry after they quit the Royal Family
Ellen DeGeneres was rumored to be the first interviewee with Meghan and Harry following their departure from the Royal Family

In the interview, the Royal Family was accused of making claims, including that an unnamed member made remarks about Archie’s skin color.

After the allegation, Prince William said to reporters that the royal family was ‘not racist’.

The palace also released a statement explaining that the issues raised in the interview would be handled ‘as family’. It detailed how Harry, Meghan, as well as their children were treated. “much loved”The royals.

Ellen, a TV host, is a friend to Harry and Meghan and was expected to get their first interview after they left the Royal Family.

The Sussexes instead sat down for a lively chat with Oprah Winfrey from the US.

Silver Screen Beat reached out for comments to the Duchess.