Meghan Markle’s ‘Meltdown’, Prince Harry’s Secret Trip, And All The Latest Royal Gossip


The royals are still constantly popping up in gossip magazines and ready to dish out all the latest recipes and bizarre claims that the supermarket tabloids make. From Meghan Markle “melting down”Prince Harry leaves his wife in favor of a trip to Kate Middleton’s and Prince William’s home. “ripping off”Their inlaws. Here are this week’s wildest rumors surrounding the British Royal Family. 

Meghan Markle’s Alleged Public Meltdown

According to Neue IdeaMarkle is feeling the heat of the public about her use of her title “Duchess of Sussex”For political gain. The duchess is allegedly spiraling into a rage over the ordeal as, despite the critics, she doesn’t see why she has to change anything. The magazine also claims that Markle’s emotions are also in a frenzy due to her being hurt by the release of court documents proving she knew about her father Thomas Markle’s Finding Freedomlegal documents before it was published. We will be looking into whether Markle is actually in the wrong regarding all of these claims against Markle.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Ripping Off The Sussexes’ Instagram?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are also getting backlash this week for apparently ripping off Meghan Markle’s influencer tactics. The tabloids believe that the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess Of Cambridge are at fault. “adopted Harry and Meghan’s ‘signature style’.”It’s a new love for photos taken from unexpected angles and family moments in black and white. Was it William and Middleton’s intention to copy the Sussexes? Click here to learn more.

Prince Harry Flying Home Against Markle’s Wishes?

According to Women’s Day, Prince Harry feels a bit homesick and wants to visit his grandmother even though Meghan Markle is refusing to accompany him. Prince Harry is shocked to learn that his grandmother is in serious health. The queen insisted that she didn’t want a fuss, but she did rather sternly tell Harry she wants him to come home at Christmas and bring the kids. Is Prince Harry planning on going behind Markle’s back to take that trip to the UK with Archie? You can read more about it here.

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