Meghan Markle’s sweet gesture to mother with her newborn baby


After spotting Meghan Markle, royal fans have praised her. “sweet”You can gesture to a mother holding a newborn child.

This heartwarming moment occurred when Prince Harry and she were visiting the Netherlands to attend Invictus Games.

Omid Scobie, a royal author, shared the clip on Twitter. It shows Meghan walking with others involved in the games. One of Meghan’s companions is a mother, who holds a baby wrapped in a brown long coat.

Scobie explained the context by explaining that Scobie wrote: “En route towards the venue, the pair were escorted along #TeamNetherlands competitors as well as family – one was proudly wearing a newborn.”

Royal fans swoon over Meghan Markle's 'sweet' gesture to mum with newborn baby
Harry and Meghan are visiting the Netherlands to take part in the Invictus Games

“Noticing the sudden drop in temperature, Meghan quickly handed over her coat to the mom to help keep the baby warm.”

This clip has been viewed over 55,000 times, and has been liked over 3,400 times.

The Duchess of Sussex was quickly praised by her fans for her thoughtfulness and shared their thoughts with them.

One person said: “A good mother is a good mother to everyone’s child.”

A second: “I didn’t even notice [the] baby until your post! That’s very sweet!!”

“I was wondering why the woman next to Meghan was holding the coat so awkwardly,”A third was added. “I couldn’t see the tiny baby wrapped in the coat. Meghan is such a sweetheart.”

The fourth is: “Oh that’s why that lady is hugging the coat!!! Ok I adore Meghan even more. She’s so freaking sweet.”

Yesterday’s video of Meghan and Harry in the Netherlands was actually the first time they were pictured together outside the US since Megxit.

The couple was seen together with the Ukrainian Invictus Team in The Hague, ahead of today’s tournament for military veterans.

Royal fans swoon over Meghan Markle's 'sweet' gesture to mum with newborn baby
This was the first time that the Sussexes had been seen together since Megxit.

Harry looked serious as he held a black calendar in his hand, while his wife smiled behind him.

The calendar was actually donated by NGO Come Back Alive. This organization raises funds to help the Ukrainian army fight against invading Russian forces.

Come Back Alive was confirmed yesterday “The foundation presented Prince Harry its calendar The Real Scale. Our colleagues gave the calendar to the Duke of Sussex during the Invictus Games meeting in Hague.”

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