Meghan Markle’s team slams Samantha’s claims she lied in an ‘Oprah!’ interview


Meghan Markle’s legal team has denied that their client lied to Oprah Winfrey about being an “only child”Samantha Markle, half-sister to Samantha Markle, filed a lawsuit seeking damages of $75,000 for claims that were made in the Finding Freedom biography and in a tell-all Oprah interview last March.

Samantha claimed they share a father Thomas Markle. Meghan insists to Oprah that she was born as an alcoholic. “only child.”In a British court case Meghan disclosed that her communications secret had previously consulted with the writers of the book at her request.

Meghan’s legal staff argued in a new document that the question of whether or not a staff member briefed them is irrelevant. “Meghan did not make the statements; she cannot be liable for them. It is that simple.”Meghan’s legal team said via legal documentation submitted to a Florida court last week. Hello!, “Plaintiff [Samantha] first asserts that she can disprove that Meghan’ grew up as an only child.’

“However, this perception is inherently false. It is hard to imagine anything more personal or subjective than what one feels about their childhood.”According to the brief, “Plaintiff’s opposition ignores the context of the statement where Ms. Winfrey inquired Meghan about her relationship with Plaintiff (to whom Ms. Winfrey called her ‘half-sister on the father’s side).”

“Meghan’s answer to the question, “I grew up as an alone child”, was clearly not intended to be an objective statement that she didn’t have any genetic siblings or half-siblings. This was, in fact, a classic example of subjective statements about how one feels about childhood.”

Samantha had claimed Meghan’s comment “It hurt her sales of her autobiography, made it difficult for her to find work, and caused mental and emotional distress.”She said the remarks were meant to portray her as “Prevaricator, trying to capitalize on the fact that her little-known half-sister was married into the royals. Her older sister, who was an opportunist at the worst sort of opportunity, made these false statements.”

Samantha has alleged that Meghan led a “premeditated campaign to destroy” her credibility by fabricating things about her childhood to provoke her supporters against her.Yet, Meghan has repeatedly claimed she barely knows her half-sister and hasn’t spoken to her for years.

As she explained about Samantha in a clip released before her Oprah interview, “I don’t feel comfortable talking about people that I really don’t know but I grew up as an only child, which everyone who grew up around me knows, and I wished I had siblings, I would have loved to have had siblings… The last time I saw her [Samantha]It must have been at the least 18 or 19 year ago, and if not, at least 10 years ago.” Meghan added, “She changed her name to Markle when she was in her 50s. This was only after I began dating Harry.

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