Meghan McCain Allegedly Trying To Get Back On ‘The View,’ Show Gossip Says


Does Meghan McCain want to return to The View? One tabloid claims McCain is scheming her way back onto the show. Here’s what we know about McCain’s career plans.

Meghan McCain Plots ‘Secret Comeback Scheme’?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Meghan McCain didn’t like what The View had turned into at the time of her exit, but things are changing for the daytime program. It looks like McCain’s former co-hosts have been shooting themselves in the feet, and she’s almost ready to retake her place on the program. But first, she needs to know that Goldberg and Joy Behar won’t stick around for much longer. “Meghan would like nothing better than to get back on the show — after Whoopi and Joy have been shown the door!” an insider exclaims.

McCain’s relationship with her old co-host Behar has soured even further since she left the show. The former costars got into a Twitter skirmish over Valentine’s Day after Behar seemingly mocked McCain’s tribute to her husband. And shortly after, Goldberg came under fire for her controversial comments about the Holocaust. So, in McCain’s eyes, she’s just what the show needs. “Meghan’s ego would be lifted through the roof if she’s welcomed back as the conquering hero — and she’s hoping to step over Whoopi and Joy to do so!”

‘Mouthy’ Meghan McCain Getting ‘View’ Revenge?

We aren’t buying this story for one second. First of all, the tabloid admits in the article that a representative of Meghan McCain’s said that there was “absolutely no truth” to this story. Since we’re far more inclined to believe McCain’s spokesperson over the outlet’s anonymous “insider,” this report isn’t even worth a thorough investigation. But, if anyone still has doubts, we took a closer look at the claims anyways.

First of all, it’s true that Behar played a large role in McCain’s decision to leave. But McCain explained in an interview with Variety that the show itself is what pushed her out. “In my exit interview, the last thing I told [ABC news head Kim Godwin] is, ‘You got to change the culture on the show or the culture is going to change you, Ellen style.’ They’ve got to start changing things or it will not survive,” said McCain. And since McCain has exchanged televised screaming matches for a quiet life in Washington D.C. with her husband and daughter, it doesn’t look like she is going to turn back any time soon.

The Tabloid On Meghan McCain

We know better than to trust anything the National Enquirer says about Meghan McCain. Last year, the outlet reported Joy Behar was the one leaving over her feud with McCain. Then the magazine claimed McCain’s co-hosts schemed to push her off of the show. And finally, the publication alleged Tyra Banks was recruiting McCain for Dancing with the Stars. The Enquirer simply isn’t reliable when it comes to McCain.

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