Melania Trump Offers White Brimmed Hats Starting at $250,000


Melania Trump, former first lady, is selling the white broad-brimmed hat that she wore in 2018 when French President Emmanuel Macron visited Washington.

The minimum bid is $250,000 on Melania’s website, where it is up for auction.

Inside Edition spoke to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former top aide and close friend of Melania’s who wrote the scathing New York Times best seller “Melania and Me.”

“It either says, ‘We are desperate for money’ or it says, ‘I just don’t care, and I’m going to do whatever I want to do,’ which is how she’s pretty much lived most of her life,”Wolkoff stated.

Melania also sells a signed original watercolor and an NFT for the hat.

Melania sold a digital picture of her eyes, or an undisclosed price, before Christmas. It also included audio of Melania saying it. “My vision is look forward with inspiration, strength and courage.”

“Melania’s words are, I hate to say this, but they are as empty as she is,”Wolkoff stated.

The website says an unspecific portion of the proceeds will go to a charity related to Melania’s “Be Best” campaign.

The only way winning bidders can pay is with a cryptocurrency that’s growing in popularity called Solana.