Melanie Griffith Allegedly Sparked Cancer Fears Following Appearance. Unverified Report says


Is it? Melanie GriffithIs your cancer a concern? One report says she’s dealing with a new nightmare after being spotted with blotches on her left hand. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hands Trigger Alarm Bells’

According to the National Enquirer, Griffith’s miscolored hands have triggered fears of skin cancer. “Everyone is wondering what’s going on with Melanie’s scary-looking hands,”According to an insider The Working Girl star has had issues with skin cancer in the past, and folks are worried she’s refusing to receive treatment.

One doctor says the blotches are the result of cancer treatment, with liquid nitrogen being used to spray pre-cancerous blemishes off Griffith’s hands. “Dermatologists are making a fortune by spraying these superficial skin pre-cancers,”According to the doctor. Griffith has a history involving worrying marks on her face, so an insider concludes. “Her friends just hope this latest flare-up goes away with treatment.”

What’s Going On With Melanie Griffith?

First, the liquid nitrogen doctor never treated Melanie Griffith. He’s looking at the same exact photos of the rest of us and is openly speculating on what could be going on. He isn’t serious about his view, but you should consider the possibility that the blotches were just crayon marks.

The rest of the story is just a bait-and switch. Its title reads, in big bold letters, “Melanie’s new cancer horror!” The story itself isn’t really about new cancer at all. Instead, we learn about the treatment and some fear-mongering that so-called cancer survivors have to endure. “friends.” Since there’s no actual cancer in the article itself, it’s easy to disregard this story as false.

These marks are no longer relevant for the actress. At least since 2019, Griffith was bruised on her hands. She’s well aware of it, Opting to sport a Michael Jackson-esque gloveDuring an outing last Wednesday, Griffith shook her left hand. This glove can be used to disprove the notion that Griffith ignores her hand. She also wouldn’t be galavanting around Hollywood if her life was in immediate danger.

Other Griffith Myths

The Get in touchIt is too late for this skin-bashing party. The Globe ran an identical story last November about Griffith’s apparently worrying skin. In a futile gesture towards legitimacy, it also quoted some clueless doctors. We debunked that story for the same reason: You shouldn’t trust what these folks say because they’ve probably never even met her.

Griffith is often featured in tabloid stories. She’s apparently feuding with Gwyneth Paltrow alongside her daughter Dakota Johnson. Johnson and Paltrow have a history of good relations so it was probably bogus. There was also a rumor that Antonio Banderas wanted to win her back. He’s been with Nicole Kempel for over 20 years ago, so it sure looks like he’s moved on—unlike the tabloids.

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