Melanie Lynskey’s ‘Main Character Moment,’ Her Life As A Curvy TV Star


Melanie LynskeyIs finally becoming her “main character moment”After many years as a character actor, the star. The actress, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for her role in Yellowjackets, discussed her time in the spotlight, as well as what it’s like not being a size 0 in Hollywood. 

Lynskey calls for a new level of fame ‘A Very New Arena’

Lynskey has been in a lot of hits movies, including Sweet Home Alabama, Coyote Harm?, and Ever After, but it wasn’t until Showtime’s YellowjacketsThat is when she began to be recognized for her talent. 

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“I did my first movie when I was 15 and I’m 45 now,” In an interview with InStyle. “I think I’ve just kind of been under-the-radar, like, it’s a bit nerve-wracking for me to be more public now. I’ve never done so much sustained publicity and interviews, so it feels like a very new arena and I just feel like people are going to get sick of me because if anything, I’ve just been kind of under-the-radar enough to just keep steadily working.”

She has some thoughts about body image ‘It’s Such a Struggle, Always’

Lynskey went on to talk about what it’s like to do love scenes when you don’t match Hollywood’s insane body standards. “It’s such a struggle, always,”She elaborated. “I feel like I have two voices in my head. One of them is coming from my heart and my soul and what I know is right, and it’s telling me, You’re perfectly fine. And then the other voice is just this little voice that’s always been there that’s like, What are you thinking? Thinking your body’s OK. It’s not OK. You have to change it, like, What are you thinking, doing a love scene? What are you thinking, being one of the leads of a show?”

“It’s just reinforced so much culturally that there’s a different kind of body that is, you know, popular,”She continued. “And so it’s a struggle within myself to just say, I feel beautiful. My husband thinks I’m beautiful. And also we look like the majority of women in the world. We’re healthy, you know? I think there’s this weird shaming of anybody who’s not, like, a size 2, and I’m just over it.”

Lynskey: ‘All Bodies Are Beautiful’

Lynskey also talked about her dislike for the expression “real women”She was able to describe specific body types, and she hopes that all body shapes will become accepted. “Very thin women are real women,”The actress stated. “All women are real women. All bodies are beautiful and I just really would love to get to the point where we can have all different kinds of bodies and it’s just not commented on in the way that it is right now.”

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Lynskey’s fans love her honesty about her struggle with body image, how she has come to accept herself and how grateful they are that she is finally receiving the Hollywood recognition she deserves. 

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