Melissa Gilbert’s Instagram Photo With Mindy Cohen Is A Generation X Blast From the Past


Mindy and Melissa Gilbert are best remembered for their roles on television in their youth. Could we ever see these two actresses together after all these years? Fans will have to agree that the answer is yes

The Right Time is Now

Generation X can’t get enough of Gilbert and Cohn’s recent Instagram post. In an Instagram post, the beloved actresses took thousands of people back to their childhood with a photo.

Cohn shared the photo of the stars with Norman Lear in the original post. This actress is most well-known for her role as Natalie on Facts of life, asked, “thinking me and @melissagilbertofficial do a Hot L Baltimore reboot @thenormanlear. Thoughts?”Gilbert, who is known for her role as Laura Ingalls Little House on the PrairieShe jumps in to the conversation immediately. She reposts it and adds. “I love my @mindycohn ! And yes to Hot L!!”

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The post and picture are loved by many fans! One fan’s reply sums up how many people feel about the two legends: “Oh the enjoyment and feel good vibes you both have shared with so many people. This photo encapsulates the best memories of my youth…Laura and Natalie Thank you.”Fans are asking for a reboot with the actresses. “Hot L Baltimore!!!! That show was hysterical and way way ahead of its time. Whenever I ask people no one even remembers it.”

What is a Reboot? ‘Hot L Baltimore’ Possible?

Could this TV series be revived? Gen Xers may be excited about the idea of these actresses working together. Others are more skeptical. What’s the deal? Hot L BaltimoreWhat happened?

Some shows are ahead their time. Hot L BaltimoreIt was definitely one of those shows. The show, which featured two main characters who were sex workers, and one who was an illegal immigrant (the other being the protagonist), was sure to be controversial. In fact, the 1975 show featured one of America’s first gay couples. Even though the show featured mature themes, it was the first ABC TV show to warn viewers at the start. The show eventually failed to gain ratings and was cancelled after 13 episodes.

Fans can have their say on the possibility of a reboot, provided it includes Gilbert and Cohn. We’re still waiting for that reply on Instagram from 100-year-old Norman Lear, the original TV show’s producer.

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