Men who embrace their gray hair are not exempt from ageism


Hollywood’s latest hair trend is changing up the color of your hair. Both men and women have been trying to keep their youthful appearances for years by coloring their hair. A trip to the salon was required for even one gray hair. This seems to be changing. Even celebrities on A-list have stopped coloring their hair and are now wearing gray or white. This latest trend shows that society is moving towards post-ageism.

Celebrities have been making headlines recently because of the color of their hair, from Andie MacDowell and George Clooney to Steve Carell and George Clooney. People from all walks of the life are joining the trend as these stars age and appear in hits TV shows and movies.

Social media is one way to find men or women who accept their hair naturale. You can search #GrayHair on Instagram and TikTok for #SilverSisters or #GrayHairDontCare. You’ll find millions of posts and videos using these hashtags. You may notice a trend as you look at these posts. These photos and videos are most often shared and posted by women.

We became more curious about the absence of silver hair in men after we saw more gray hairs being posted by women. Is there a similar online community for men as women? Is it possible for men to see themselves as silver-foxes as they age?

Many people couldn’t go to the salon for hair color when COVID-19 was introduced. People began to show graying hair as stay-at-home orders became more common. James Gunn, an actor and director who is best known for his natural hair, was one celebrity who decided to let it go back to its natural state. Guardians of the Galaxy volumes. Gunn shared a photo in November 2020 after letting his hair whiten.

Gunn was praised for his white hair, but some people responded with ageist remarks. One commenter “Why would you dye your hair white? Is it real? I mean who wants to look like a grandpa at age 55?”Gunn’s hair color was even question by another person. “How quickly did that happen?”They were curious. “Or have you been covering it up, like apparently Johnny Knoxville has been secretly gray since like season 1 of Jackass the TV show.”

For decades, graying haired men have been referred to as silver foxes by Hollywood. However, ageism is still a problem for Hollywood men. Even though there is a supportive community for women with gray hair on social media, ageism still exists in the real world. Ask Lisa LaFlamme (a Canadian news anchor) who lost her job after she grew out her gray hair. Acceptance of aging is still a difficult topic.

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