Meri Brown shares a Cryptic Post after Kody urges them to ‘Conform To Patriarchy’


Meri Brown urges her followers to “know who you are.”Within hours Sister Wives Kody Brown’s comment during the episode in which his wives were required to be present was criticized by viewers on social media. “conform to patriarchy”Brown shared a cryptic Instagram post with his fans after Christine Brown had left him.

Brown shared her Instagram Story Sunday night with Kody about their relationship. “dead”Over the years, people have shared a quote that said, “The trick is as long as you know who you are and what makes you happy it doesn’t matter how others see you.”Brown also added a sticker reading “Brown added a sticker that read…” “THIS”He pointed out the quote at the end of the post. Martina McBride’s song was also shared. “Happy Girl.”

Brown didn’t specify the reason for the post but it was just a few minutes after the last episode of Brown’s TLC reality show. Sister WivesThe latest season of focuses on the aftermath of Kody’s and Christine’s separation. Kody Brown, who has two wives Janelle Browne and Robyn Brown, made Sunday’s episode a tense moment for many viewers when he told his wives that they had to “be better”. “conform to patriarchy”Christine announced her divorce and denounced her previous belief in polygamy.

“I’m going to be the head of my household again and so I’m not going to be circumvented in that,” Kody declared. “And so if everybody’s willing to conform to patriarchy again, I guess, because I’ve been fighting to make everybody happy. My bitterness is that out of trying to do that and not having the family that I had thought about and designed.”

The moment not only sent shockwaves through the Brown family – Janelle responded in a side interview, “Yeah, I didn’t know I had signed up for patriarchy. That’s not what we all agreed on in the very beginning, but [shrugs].” – but also through viewers. Many took to social media to respond to the episode as it aired. One person was among them. Writing, “his monolog right now is truly disgusting.” Somebody else Tweet, “Patriarchy? Head of the house? Respect? This man is sick.”

Brown was Kody’s second wife. Kody and Brown were married in 1990, before they legally separated in 2014. Brown supported Kody despite their split. Brown spoke out about their relationship problems in Season 10. “I also know that my goal and my purpose and my point is to just be a better person and to just look at the family because there’s value to that. There is value to this family that we have created.”Sister Wives Season 11 airs Sundays, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. It is also available for streaming on Discovery+.

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