Miami Estate Sold to German Shepherd for $30 Million


A Miami estate previously occupied by Madonna — now included in a trust that has a German Shepherd beneficiary — has been sold. 

The German Shepherd, named Gunther VI, inherited the nine-bedroom, eight-and-a-half-bath private estate that sits on a 51,000-square-foot lot with 100 feet of water frontage, originally priced at $31.75 million. PeopleIt was purchased for $29 Million.

The dog’s inheritance comes from Karlotta Leibenstein, the late German countess who died in 1992. 

According to reportsLeibenstein was not related to anyone so she left her $80 million fortune in her will to Gunther III.

Gunther VI is the current “owner,”Gunther III, his grandfather, left him both his fortune as well as the Miami estate.

Most pets leave an inheritance to their pet owners. The money is placed in a trust where a human trustee is named to decide how the money is spent. A caretaker is also appointed to care for the pet.

Gunther’s finances will be handled by The Gunther Corporation. This corporation was created to care for the pup. 

According to the publication, the estate managers invested $500 million in villas and mansions all over the world. Ruthie Assouline from the Assouline Team at Compass was asked to manage the Miami property. 

“We have sold countless multimillion-dollar homes but this one is definitely a first,” Ruthie told People. 

“When the handlers initially told me a dog owned the property, I didn’t believe it.”

The managers also own other businesses on Gunther’s behalf, have put money into scientific research, and founded Gunther Rescue to help animals in need, according to People.