Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones Allegedly Heading for $500M Divorce after ‘Serious Rough Patch,’Insider Says


Are you Michael DouglasAnd Catherine Zeta JonesAre they ready to part ways? The rumor mill says they’re on the verge of splitting up for good. Are Academy Award winners going to court? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘It’s Over’ For Michael Douglas’ Marriage?

The cover story for OK!Concerns the union of Zeta-Jones and Douglas. The ChicagoThe screen actor was not accompanied by her husband to the Screen Actors Guild Awards. An insider says, “As Catherine’s friends will tell you, she loves a red-carpet event, so it just seemed odd that she wouldn’t be there to support him.”The skippered show has led to whispers between Zeta Jones and Douglas.

Insiders reveal that the marriage is in serious trouble. “They are like two ships passing in the night,” the source says, adding that the age difference is haunting them—as is Zeta-Jones’ booming career. This comes after a reported 2021 police call to Douglas’ house, which also got folks talking about a dispute.

Onlookers may call their body language “body language” “forced and showy,”The couple are not ready to end their marriage. Unnamed loved ones say they’re “confident Catherine and Michael will be able to work through their problems and come out on the other side.”

What’s Going on With Catherine Zeta-Jones?

First, Catherine Zeta Jones publicly supported her husband during the SAG Awards. While she didn’t attend the award show, she did make Instagram posts from home. While her absence has created a lot of absurdity, they are clearly still together. In a new Zeta-Jones post, they looked absolutely stunning.

Douglas and Zeta Jones’ representatives denied this report. There are limitless reasons why Zeta-Jones wouldn’t want to go to the SAG Awards right now, so it’s just reckless speculation to say it’s because of a rough patch. She did take the time to show support for others, which this outlet conveniently ignores.

All The Greatest Hits

The rest of the story is also bogus. Zeta-Jones doesn’t mind the age difference or they wouldn’t have wed in the first place, let alone stay married for over 20 years. It says Zeta-Jones’s career resurgence is hurting the marriage as if Douglas is left in the lurch. He was nominated at SAG Awards.

Gossip CopAlready repelled the emergency call from Zeta Jones In TouchThe story was covered by the New York Times last year. These calls leave behind paper trails and we couldn’t find any evidence that anything was happening. OK! routinely publishes stories about Douglas and Zeta-Jones drifting apart, yet they’re still happily married.

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