Michael Douglas Sends a Video Message to Catherine Zeta Jones amid Unfounded Reports of Marriage Strife


Pop culture is currently awash with talk about this. Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta JonesAfter twenty years of marriage, they are likely to split. Pop culture has been talking about them like that for the past twenty years. They focus on their differences in age. In truth, Michael Douglas took to Instagram to express his love for his wife and it is a proof that they are still strong, despite constant rumors.

Love in the Fast Lane

Although every couple has had their ups and downs, there have never been any split-ups. The gossip magazines love to make it seem like a couple is going through a divorce and are eager to promote that image. But facts are facts, and judging by Douglas’ recent social media post, the two have never been happier. You can see the proof in these photos.

They Still Have That Spark

Douglas surprised Jones with a surprise for their anniversary. It was a sweet and traditional way. He posted a slideshow on Instagram of photos of him and Jones at different events and during vacations around the globe. The slideshow speaks louder than any tabloid gossip mill.

This is a sweet gesture that shows effort and affection on his part. If we judge them on the basis of the slideshow photos, they are always together on adventures and always look happy to share these moments.

People need to stop focusing so much on their age differences. Stop believing the rumors that their age differences are causing them to go up in flames. These two have been happily married for two decades, and if this recent post proves anything, it’s that they have many more decades together in store for them in the future.

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