Michael Madsen’s Life – Tragic loss, Tarantino bond and famous sister-in law


Hudson Madsen was 26 years old when he died.

His father Michael is a star of TV and film, rising to fame through critically acclaimed Hollywood films like Reservoir Dogs. Quentin Tarantino was Hudson’s godfather.

Michael is a star in Reservoir Dogs and has been a well-known actor since. He also appeared in Bond’s classic Die Another Day and Donnie Brasco.

His life was not boring. He ran a hot sauce company, was defended by Judi dench on Die Another Day, and had a famous sister-in law.

Quentin Tarantino bond

Michael Madsen is close friends with director Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino is close to Michael Madsen.

Michael Madsen was famous for his role in Reservoir Dogs (1990), starring as Vic Vega. The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The two of them have been close friends ever since, Tarantino even being godfather to Michael’s children.

Michael shared his feelings about their friendship with Red Carpet News TV. “It’s such a pleasure to be around him.

“He inspires me with his enthusiasm and great presence. He inspires and motivates me.”

Michael Madsen has worked with Tarantino on films such as Kill Bill and Hateful Eight
Michael Madsen worked with Tarantino in films like Kill Bill and Hateful Eight.

Tarantino was also acknowledged by the actor for his support in his career. “If it weren’t for me working with him early on, I don’t know if I would have found my way through the maze of Hollywood and the festering wound of L.A.”

After Reservoir Dogs, their close friendship continued. Michael Madsen was cast in more films, including Kill Bill (and The Hateful Eight).

He also revealed that his audition to Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight only lasted five minutes. The actor was then offered the role immediately after.

The Independent was informed by him: “I hadn’t heard from Quentin in over a year. But he called and asked me to go to his house, so I went over and he got out a script and asked me to read a few pages.

“I’d only read about five lines when he clapped his hands and said, ‘Okay, Mike. That’It was great. I’ll see you on set in December.'”

Since then, the duo have also worked on further films including the award winning Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, starring Leonard DiCaprio.

Vega Brothers return rumours

Michael Madsen played Vic Vega in Reservoir Dogs
Vic Vega was played by Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs

Michael Madsen noted that there has been talk of a Vega Brothers movie, based on the characters John Travolta and he played in Tarantino’s two films.

Michael played Vic Vega on Reservoir Dogs while John Travolta played Vincent Vega on Pulp Fiction.

They are two of the most iconic roles played by actors, and they would be a delight to see back onscreen.

John Travolta played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction
John Travolta played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction

The actor, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter explained that Tarantino planned to direct the film after Pulp Fiction, despite both characters being killed in their respective films. “Quentin was going to make a film called The Vega Brothers.

“And I said: ‘Quentin, we’re both dead. They both kill us in those movies. He said: ‘Well, it’s a prequel.’

“And I said: ‘You know, John and I don’t really look that young anymore, I don’t think it’s going to work.’

“So he said: ‘OK, I’ve got a better idea.’ So now he told me the scenario of The Vega Brothers, but it was so complicated I can’t explain it.”

Mr Blonde’s net worth and being protected by Judi Dench

Michael Madsen starred in films such as Donnie Brasco
Michael Madsen was a star in films like Donnie Brasco

Michael has earned the reputation for portraying some of the most evil characters on the silverscreen over his entire career.

These include his iconic role as Mr Blonde/Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs, and Damian Falco from Bond’s classic Die Another Day.

Judi Dench was even able to defend him on Die Another Day’s set, when he smoked a cigarette as his character.

Although the action was shocking to all on set, Judi explained that it fit his character. She suggested that it be kept in with Michael telling AV Club. “I pulled it out to light it, and everyone’s, like, ‘Whoa, hey, hey, hey, oh, no, no, no…’

“Judi Dench was then, she added. ‘Well, I don’t see anything wrong with Michael’s character smoking a cigarette. It’s quite apropos for him.’

“And then (director) Lee (Tamahori) was like ‘Yeah, I think that’s right. Yeah, that’s a good thing. All right, Michael, we’ll let you have that cigarette!”

Michael Madsen is estimated to have a huge net worth
Michael Madsen is believed to have a large net worth

He is known for his role as the ‘bad guy’ in many movies and TV programs, but he is also well-known to generations of fans as Glenn Greenwood (the father in 1991’s Family Film Free Willy).

Also, he starred in films like Donnie Brasco and Thelma & Louise, as well as hit TV series 24 and 24. He is also listed in several films that are currently in preproduction.

Although he was in many of Hollywood’s most important films, it is also reported that he missed out on other major roles, including Officer Wendall White in L.A Confidential. This role eventually went to Russell Crowe.

The actor is not only a star in films but also owns a hot sauce and mustard brand. There are pictures of the bottles that show him riding a motorbike.

It is no wonder then that between his business and his Hollywood career, the actor has a healthy estimated net worth of $6million (£4.4million).

Famous sister-in-law

Michael Madsen's former sister in law was Cher
Cher Madsen, Michael Madsen’s ex-sister in law, was Cher

Michael Madsen married his first wife Georganne LaPiere in 1984.

He wasn’t the only Hollywood star in his family, however, as Cher was Cher’s sister-in law at the time.

In an interview with AV Club he revealed that Cher was also in a relationship with Val Kilmer, the future star of The Doors. “I had been married to Georganne [LaPiere], who is the sister of Cher, who at that time was dating Val Kilmer.

“And Georganne and I lived out on Val’s father’s ranch, which he got from Roy Rogers, and our house was on Trigger Street.”

However, Michael and Georganne’s romance did not last and the couple divorced four years later in 1988.

Family life and award nominated sister

Michael has been married three times and has five children
Michael is married three times, and has five children.

After Michael’s union to Georganne laPiere, he got married to Jeannine bisignano between 1991 and 1995. They had two children together.

DeAnna Madsen was his wife, which he later married in 1996. They had three additional children: Hudson, Calvin, Luke.

Michael, despite being known for his portrayal of some of Hollywood’s most mean characters, is a world away from his real-life counterparts.

He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter “I think people really fear me. They see me and go: ‘Holy s**t, there’s that guy!’ But I’m not that guy. I’m just an actor.

Michael's sister is Sideways actress Virginia Madsen
Virginia Madsen, Sideways actress and Michael’s sibling, is Virginia Madsen

“I’m a father, I’m married, I’ve been married 20 years. When I’m not making a movie, I’m home, in pyjamas.”

Michael isn’t the only Hollywood star he has, Virginia is also nominated as an actress.

Virginia Madsen is well-known for her roles in Candyman and The Haunting of Connecticut. Also, she was nominated in the Academy Award category for Sideways.

The two siblings have starred together in films like Blue Tiger or The Florentine.

Tragic loss

A statement said Michael Madsen and his family were 'heartbroken' by Hudson's death
A statement stated that Michael Madsen’s family was ‘heartbroken’ at Hudson’s passing.

Recently, it was reported that Hudson Madsen, Michael Madsen’s child, was found dead in Hawaii this weekend.

Hudson Madsen, 26 years old, lived in Wahiawa (Hawaii) with his wife Carlie. Hudson was also the godson Quentin Tarentino, his close friend.

After his death, a spokesperson for the Department of the Medical Examiner (Honolulu) stated: “I can confirm Hudson Lee Madsen, 26, died by a gunshot wound to the head in a suspected suicide on the island of Oahu.”

Hudson Madsen has died aged 26 years old
Hudson Madsen, 26 years old, has passed away

Later, a representative for Michael Hudson released a statement saying that the family was ‘heartbroken by his passing.

It read: “We are heartbroken and overwhelmed with grief and pain at the loss of Hudson.

“All who loved and knew him will remember his memory and light.

“We ask for privacy and respect during this difficult time. Thank you.”

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