Michael Mando, Star of “Better Call Saul”, appears on Nacho’s “Breaking Good” for Season 6 (Exclusive).


Better Call SaulIt is not holding back as it enters its sixth and final season. Following the events of Season 5 that left many of its characters plotting and scheming against their rivals, no one is more of a moving target than the former right-hand man to Tuco Salamanca and now Lalo Salamanca, Nacho Varga — played sincerely by series star Michael Mando. The Season 6 premiere will continue the story of Nacho’s escape from Lalo after he was assassinated. Nacho is an intelligent career criminal who is now on the run and seeking out Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), who has shown little love for him but has not offered any help in his escape. Mike Ehrmantraut, Jonathan Banks seems to be with him. Season 6 will undoubtedly bring Nacho to a crossroads.

Exclusive interview with PopCulture.com before the premiere of AMC’s April 18 episode on AMC. Mando discusses how his character’s story has been rooted in Nacho’s love for Manual Varga. Mando is able to manage the tension that occasionally surfaces in his character, which is a redeeming trait. “We are at the mercy of the writers, and you can’t do a show with such incredible writers and not always give your hats off to the writers. For me, personally, when I took on this role, I really wanted to play, I wanted to break the archetype of the cartel, gangster character,”He stated. “Someone I was just speaking to in an interview said that my character was breaking good, and I really like that. I like the idea that it was someone who was in this world, but who was trying to do the right thing, who had integrity, who wasn’t perfect by any means, but who truly did not want to give in to the dark side.”

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For his help, he credits the writing. “ride that wave,”Mando said that there are many elements about the character that have surprised him this season. This is especially true when the Season 6 premiere leads Nacho to an extremely anxiety-inducing moment. “I feel like a character through the seasons, it’s like painting a canvas, and you don’t really know the whole scope of who this person is until it actually ends. It’s like a life,”He stated. “You don’t really know who a person is until after they’ve been around. For me, I was just surprised by the size of Nacho’s heart and the integrity of who this guy really was, how much does he really love his father, and how far he is willing to go? That, to me, was a really pleasant surprise in the writing.”

Season 6 will be split into two parts, with the first part presenting seven episodes in seven weeks. The second half launching six more to complete the series. Mando agrees with his co-star Bob Odenkirk who earlier told PopCulture that the ending will satisfy most fans. “It’s the best season, and Vince [Gilligan] and Peter [Gould] are really truly masters of the craft. I have nothing else to add, other than hats off to those guys,”Mando stated in agreement.

Better Call Saul Season 6 will premiere April 18 at 9 p.m. on AMC ET with two episodes in succession. All episodes Better Call Saul AMC+ and Netflix are both available for streaming. PopCulture.com has more information about the series, as well as your other favorite AMC shows.