Michael Strahan, ‘GMA’ Anchor, Said He ‘Saved His Lives’


People see giant-sized stars like Michael StrahanThey envision someone who is strong, courageous and never insecure. The truth is that this NFL icon went from being a sportsman to hosting TV. Good Morning America, he wasn’t exactly as confident or as brave as he was on the football field. He felt completely overwhelmed by the new direction his professional life was taking. Strahan was fortunate to have a coworker who has been doing this for many years.

Change is scary

As a regular participant in the GMA cast, that wasn’t always the case, and he was truly anxious when the gig started. Robin Roberts was able to quickly take the host under her wing and fill in the rest of the gig’s responsibilities.

Strahan has made it a point to remind her that “saved him”It was at that time. Roberts helped Strahan with his day-to-day tasks, but there was one instance when she truly helped the giant to find his (literal!) feet.

Seeing Red (Carpets)

Strahan panicked while standing on the red carpet for his first Oscars. It would have been overwhelming for any host, let alone Strahan. He went on to explain that incident, “I remember being at the Oscars on the red carpet and I was doing Kelly: Live with KellyI was at the time. I had never walked on an Oscar red carpet. I thought: ‘what am I doing on the red carpet and interviewing people? Before the stars started coming down the carpet I was so nervous and I could see Robin on the red carpet getting ready to do the ABC show. I see her and walk over and give her a hug. I tell her, ‘I’I’m afraid to death. I’m scared’.

Rockin’ Robin

Robin Roberts, to her credit, put her arm around Strahan. She told him to breathe deeply and that it would be okay. He doubted her words until Robin Roberts reminded him that she was also a sportscaster, as she had played tennis and basketball before becoming a broadcaster for ESPN.

Even though Strahan forgot that, he soon realized he was in good company with Roberts. Based on how cool and collected Roberts is now, it is clear that Roberts’ mentorship has had a tremendous impact on Strahan and his career.

Even giants sometimes need assistance!

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