Michael Strahan’s Beautiful Daughter is Nearly as Tall As He Is


Good Morning AmericaAnchor Michael Strahan is a giant of a man at 6’5” so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his kids are all quite tall themselves. But it’s certainly shocking to see one of Michael’s youngest daughters, Isabella, standing shoulder to shoulder with her old man. The 16-year-old recently posed for a photo with her dear old dad and it’s completely stunning to see how tall she’s grown up to be. 

Michael Strahan’s Daughter Is Unbelievably Tall In New Pic

Proud papa Michael Strahan shared a photo of one of his younger daughters to Instagram recently and we’re completely blown away by how incredibly tall this young lady is! Isabella Strahan, whose twin sister Sophie is also a photographer, took a photo of Sophie with her parents during what appeared like volleyball practice. 

We’re so happy to see 16-year-old Isabella on the court, since her impressive height is a definite advantage for her team. When a girl is this tall, there aren’t many sports she won’t excel in. Though she’d probably have some moves on the basketball court, Isabella definitely fits right in on the volleyball team. 

Proud Dad Michael Shows Off Daughter’s Skills

“That’s my girl!!”Michael added, “Ich habe mich in der Caption geschrieben, “Swipe right to @isabella.strahan showing up and showing out on the Volleyball court! #GirlDad.”The picture shows him and his daughter almost shoulder to shoulder. Isabella is wearing her volleyball uniform, sneakers, and her dad wearing a hoodie with short sleeves and jeans. 

Even if you are leaning slightly inward to help the recipient, GMAIsabella can almost see him straight in the eyes when she gives him a side hug. She’s just a few inches shorter than him, and her forehead reaches just about cheek level on the 6’5” retired athlete. We should remind you that Isabella, her sister Sophie, are only 16 years old! 

Below the photo is a looping video of Isabella practicing during her practice. She makes a great spike over the net, then quickly ducks under it to move on to the next part. Isabella, just like her father is a force of nature! It’s no wonder Michael is proud of his little girl! It really seems as if the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree with this father-daughter duo.

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