Michael Strahan’s hilarious video shows him napping on a couch


Former football player Michael StrahanMany of his Instagram followers laughed at his large size in a hilarious video. The star was caught napping on his office couch, but many think it’s time for him to get a new one. 

“A nap in the office never hurts especially when I throw on the @michaelstrahanbrand robe. LOL. #TheMostComfortableRobeEver,” He captioned his video. Fans were quick to show support for Strahan’s brand, with one commenting, “that robe looks great on you.” 

Another joked: “I didn’t think you rest!” However, many ignored the robe and commented on Strahan’s couch. “I’m actually wondering why you don’t have a longer couch…”One person wrote. One person commented. “I think the couch is a little too low for me…and probably for you, too!”

The couch isn’t the only downsizing the Good Morning AmericaHost is doing. Strahan used to live in a California mansion of 15,600 square feet. Strahan now lives in an Upper West Side townhouse apartment. The TV show host shows off lots of pictures of his place, from shots of his kitchen and living room to pictures of his backyard — a luxury in New York City. 

His Trip To Space

Strahan was also featured in the news for his recent space flight. Strahan was a retired NFL player who even carried a football on his journey. The football will be displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

“Flying to space with Blue Origin was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget,” Strahan. “It’s an honor to have this special football on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, where fans of space travel and the game of football can share in the journey with me.”

“The Pro Football Hall of Fame is thrilled to have the opportunity to preserve and display for fans the football graciously donated by Blue Origin and Michael Strahan,”Jim Porter, Hall of Fame President In a statement. “Constance Schwartz-Morini, Michael’s longtime business partner and the CEO of SMAC Entertainment, called me with this creative idea, and we are proud to be part of commemorating the historic moment of Michael being the first Pro Football Hall of Famer to go to space.”

Strahan also said that he has recovered from COVID-19. “I just want to let you know that I do feel a lot better and I’m just thankful to be on the other side of it. You don’t want Covid or to go through everything that it brings with it.” 

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