Michelle Keegan shows her natural beauty while taking make-up-free photos


Michelle Keegan is an actress whose beauty is envied by many.

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The first trailer for Brassic 3 is now available from Sky One

Michelle Keegan impressed her fans by embracing a fresh face in a new photo.

She posted a selfie to her Instagram Stories as she was taking a much-deserved break while filming the fourth season on Sky Max’s comedy series Brassic.

Michelle, who plays Erin Croft on the comedy drama hit, smiled between takes.

Mark Wright’s wife wore a casual look as she posed in a green hooded jumper with pink scrunchie and her brunette hair in a ponytail.

“My last few minutes of calm before the night shoot madness starts all over again,”A sticker with the words “She wrote” was attached to the top of the photograph. ‘take a break’.

Michelle has been filming the fourth season of the comedy just weeks after the highly anticipated third series debuted on Sky Max to great critical acclaim.

The actress recently revealed she’s banned her family from watching Brassic, after her sex scenes with on-screen boyfriend Dylan.

The episode’s opening scene features Erin and Dylan sleeping together. Michelle explained to Radio Times that she was so embarrassed by the scene, that she only let her close friends see it after it had ended.

“That first episode, I didn’t let my family watch until 15 minutes in, and we all know why!” she laughed Michelle.

“I did a family message to everyone when that episode first came out saying ‘it starts now at quarter past, so please don’t put the TV on before then, I’m not going to explain why but don’t’ and they promised me that they didn’t.”

She also mentioned that she was attracted to the script’s cleverness. “laughed out loud”When you read the first few episodes.

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“I can relate to all the characters as well, I don’t know why, I think it’s the humour. I just related to it and it made me laugh. It felt like something that I was really excited about and I wanted to get involved in,”She agreed.

Michelle credits Joe, a writer and co-creator, for creating characters that are all her own. “completely different”It was an opportunity to challenge northern stereotypes, said.

Michelle was seen filming Brassic in Manchester. She was wearing a puffer jacket, while being escorted along by a security guard who was there to stop any fans approaching.

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