Michelle Kwan gives birth to her first baby and shares a photo of her daughter


Michelle KwanThis is how it should be said: “I’m always full of surprises.” 

The former Olympic figure skater revealed she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Kalista Belle Kwan.

“I’m overjoyed and tears of happiness are streaming down my face as I share the news,”Michelle wrote an article in InstagramThis entry was posted on Wednesday January 5, 2009. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom and, to me, she’s a perfect miracle.”

The 41-year-old athlete reflected, “I had a hard time picturing what she might look like yet it seems like she’s been in my life forever. This has been a challenging journey to motherhood (not to mention a very long labor!!!) and I’m glad I never gave up.”

“As people closest to me know, I’m always full of surprises and tend to keep my personal life private,” Michelle continued. “And, I’ve wanted to share this happy news for many months but each milestone seemed to be exciting and daunting at the same time.”