Michelle Obama gives an update on Sasha & Malia Living Together


The Obama sisters seem to be sticking together. Michelle Obama left the Today show to share details about her daughters’ Los Angeles apartment, as well as the first time they hosted their parents. 

Michelle Obama Jokes About Daughters’ Cocktail-Mixing Skills

Malia, aged 24, is in LA to do work in the television industry. Sasha, 21 is studying at the University of Southern California. The sisters chose to live together while they’re both in California, and their mom told a hilarious story about the time she and former President Barack Obama dropped by the place. 

“We were going to take them to dinner,” Michelle remembered of her and her husband’s California visit. “And they said, ‘Why don’t you come over to our spot for cocktails?’ And we were like, ‘OK let’s see what this is going to be like.’”

Some parents may have difficulty accepting that their children are old enough to enjoy a cocktail hour. However, the ex-first lady was not so difficult. “The martinis were a little weak,”She laughed. “I don’t think they really knew what [the drink] was.”

Malia and Sasha taught their parents to use coasters

Michelle was also a bit amused by another funny thing. Her daughters’ rules about their apartment. She claims that Malia and Sasha insisted on coasters for their drinks. 

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“I’m like, ‘You never used a coaster in my house.’ So now when it’s your stuff, you want to take care of it?” Michelle joked. In addition to her tales about the girls’ apartment together, Michelle also spoke about their relationship.

Michelle Says Daughters’ Close Relationships Is ‘The Thing That A Mother Would Want’

She also shared the fact that Malia and Sasha were not always close. “a period of time when they couldn’t stand each other.” Michelle said she always told them things would change, and that they would become each other’s best friends; looks like she was right!

“[Seeing them] in that place where they’re one another’s support systems and they’ve got each other’s backs, it’s the thing that a mother would want,”She spoke highly of the pair.

There’s no word yet on what Sasha’s plans are post-graduation, but if she goes into the entertainment industry, she and Malia’s apartment might be a permanent thing. Let’s hope they get better at mixing cocktails for their parents! 

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