Michelle Obama Talks Out About Women Aging


Michelle Obama is revealing the truth about aging. Michelle Obama, a former first lady in her 50s, has told all women to stop searching for the fountains of youth. It’s a myth that holds women back especially as they are often compared to men.

Interview between Obama and Oprah Winfrey, the two women discussed everything from what it’s like to be in midlife to how women’s bodies change much more than men’s. Obama, always open to telling the truth, spoke out about how she feels about her body.

‘I Love My Body’

As Obama shared her age and how she’s not as young as she used to be, she let Oprah and the audience know she’s still confident, declaring “I love my body.”Former first lady tries to be positive about her body image.

There are times when she struggles to keep her self-confidence. Obama is very body-positive but still finds it difficult to see herself in a mirror or on a computer screen. Plus, she doesn’t enjoy hearing her own voice.

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“I’m constantly judging myself too, just like everybody else,”She stated. The former first lady also admitted that it’s difficult to make change for all women because of the lack of information that’s out there about aging.

Although our bodies transform as we age, women just don’t have guidance about our changing bodies, especially when it comes to menopause.

‘Women, Our Bodies Change Drastically In Comparison To Men’

“Women, our bodies change drastically in comparison to men,” Obama reflected. “We’re going through menopause. We’ve got a lot going on and I don’t think we’ve done enough to understand what aging means for women’s bodies.”

“What are we supposed to look like? How are we supposed to feel? We’re not talking about that enough.”

The ex-first lady spoke out about how her body has changed, how menopause affected it, and how she looks after herself. She exercises and does her exercise to take care of her growing body. However, she pointed out to Oprah that the fitness industry doesn’t cater to older women. 

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“I want to push these industries to start thinking about us mature women,”Shared Obama “so that we’re operating with real, good information about what we should be wanting.”

She said that she is unable to find the right information so she seeks advice and determines what healthy looks like for herself. It’s great advice that all of us should listen to.

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