Michigan Dad Sucked Into QAnon Shot Dead by Cops After Killing Wife


A Michigan father obsessed with conspiracy theories was shot dead by officers Sunday after killing his wife, the family dog and severely injuring one of his daughters, according to his family and authorities.

Deputies responding to a “chilling” 911 call heard gunshots from inside a Walled Lake home, and were confronted by Igor Lanis, 53, who came out his front door and opened fire with a shotgun, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said.

Officers returned fire, killing Lanis, authorities said. A 25-year-old woman was trying to crawl from the home and deputies dragged her to safety, the sheriff’s office said. She had been shot in the back and the legs, but had managed to phone for help, telling the emergency operator that her father had shot her and had killed her mother.

Inside the suburban Detroit house, deputies found the body of a 56-year-old woman with four gunshot wounds, and a dead dog that had been shot multiple times, authorities said.

The sheriff’s office did not identify the victims. But Rebecca Lanis told local media outlets that her father had shot and killed her mother, Tina, and severely injured her sister, Rachel, who is hospitalized after undergoing emergency surgery and awaiting further examinations of her injured legs.

“In 2020 after Trump lost, my dad started going down the Q rabbit hole. He kept reading conspiracy theories about the stolen election, Trump, vaccines, etc. He always said he wanted to keep us safe and healthy,” Rebecca Lanis wrote Sunday on Reddit’s QAnonCasualties subreddit page.

Her parents “were extremely loving and happy people” while she was growing up, the daughter wrote. 

But after Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election and falsely claimed he had won, her father “kept getting worse and he verbally snapped at us a few times. Nothing physical though. He never got physical with anybody,” his daughter wrote.

Until Sunday at about 4 a.m., when “he had an argument with my mother and he decided to take our guns and shoot her, my dog and my sister,” she wrote. “My mother succumbed to her wounds and my sister is in the hospital right now.

“My dad also fired back at the cops and they killed him. I’m shocked and I don’t even know what to say,” the daughter said.

An investigation into the shootings is ongoing, the sheriff’s office said.


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