Michigan Man’s Hilarious Attempt to Put Out Fire in Neighbor’s Yard He Accidentally Caused Goes Viral


All Dana Marshall wanted to do was enjoy Michigan’s first 60-degree day in a long time.

Tired of the winter cold, and in search of outdoor activities, he decided that he would do something that he had done before: make a small controlled fire.

However, Kalamazoo radio personality was rewarded with a lot more than what he had expected. The fire spread to his neighbor’s yard, through his chain link fence and eventually became viral on TikTok. 

“Let me say, I work very hard on TikTok videos just so no one will watch them, but then I fall on a fire and now everybody wants to see it,”He spoke to Inside Edition Digital. “It was the first warm day we had in southwest Michigan in a long time. So there was a wind advisory with a possible 60 mile per hour wind. I wasn’t using my head, I just thought, ‘oh, it’s a nice warm day, I’m gonna build a fire because I had a couple of boxes of stuff I wanted to burn.'”

Marshall tossed a few boxes and bits of mail into the flames. 

“My fiancé walks out and says, ‘Why are you burning during a wind advisory?’ And my male pride shut her down and I go, ‘I got this!’ I didn’t have it at all.”

Within seconds of his exchange with his fiancé, Marshall said the wind carried his fire to his neighbor’s yard and her leaves began burning. 

“The whole time she was standing in her window, drinking coffee, watching this whole thing go down,”Marshall stated. 

Marshall attempted to climb over the fence but fell onto his fire. 

“I forgot my age and thought that I could climb over a chain link fence. I cannot. I literally fell back-first onto the fire and my fairly large body put it out,”He said. 

The fire was eventually put out. Marshall learned his lesson.

“I learned a lot of lessons. No. 1. I should know better than to light a fire in windy conditions. No. 2, I should already know, listen to my fiancé. No. 3, no matter how much I try to pretend… I’m a man and I make those man mistakes with my male pride,” he said.