Michigan Police Help Senior Citizen Set Up TV After Pulling Him Over for Speeding


A Michigan police officer pulled over a car that was speeding and discovered he had another problem. 

He met a senior citizen upset by his problems who was able to relate to him.

“My wife’s real sick, and my son’s mentally ill,” the man said to the officers. “I bought a television today because I want to make my wife happy, and I can’t get it hooked up.”

The 79-year-old, named David, was having a little trouble trying to set up his new TV. He’d been driving around town in Sterling Heights, looking for help. 

So, the officer offered to help.

“I was going to say if I’m not busy, I might be able to stop by and help you,”He offered. “So it depends on the TV. My partner’s real good at electronics. I can have him look at it if you want.”

They swapped numbers, and about an hour later, three officers showed up at David’s house. They set up the new device for David and taught him how to use it.

David received a verbal warning about speeding and was offered a helping hand when he needed it. 

And the officers lived up to their motto: to protect and serve — and provide tech support, too.

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