Michigan Woman Claims She Didn’t Know She had a Bullet in her Head


A Michigan woman unknowingly had a bullet in her head for almost a week and says she has “no recollection”How it got there According to the New York Post. 

Mary Volz, 58, went to the hospital with a mysterious head wound, but was only diagnosed with COVID-19 due to chest pain and trouble breathing, she shared with the outlet. 

Volz, a former counselor for addiction, stated to the outlet that she was first admitted to Covenant Healthcare on June 29th. This was two days after being diagnosed with the virus at the Saginaw Hospital.

Volz claimed that despite the head injury, hospital staff were unable to identify the source.

“I have no recollection of how I got shot, if it was a drive-by or if it came from people getting off the bus,”Volz stated that he was going to the outlet.

According to the outlet, Volz said later she fell and couldn’t move, and that led the doctors to determine that either a bullet or bullet fragment about 8 millimeters big was the source of her wound.

Volz shared that doesn’t believe she was targeted since she doesn’t have any known enemies. “I didn’t realize how I got that and I guess that’s where the bullet came in,” Volz said.

“I don’t remember being shot or anyone even around me.”

“The only thing we know for sure is that sometime between the evening of June 27 and the evening of June 29 is when it happened,” Volz’s oldest brother, Matt Volz, told the outlet. 

“She walked around with a bullet in her head for almost a week.” 

Volz explained to the New York Post she had an infection from the bullet. Emergency surgery was performed to try to remove the pressure buildup in her brain but it was ultimately deemed too dangerous.

“They tried to get the shrapnel out, but they won’t take the bullet out,”Volz stated that he was going to the outlet. 

“It’s too dangerous.”

Police went to Volz’s home to search for any bullet holes but have yet to find any clues regarding the situation, according to the outlet.

“I have headaches every day and I have to wear a helmet, so that doesn’t help with the pain,” Volz said. 

“It’s pretty excruciating.”

Brianna Robinson, Volz’s great niece, created this website. GoFundMe to aid in the former counselor’s medical costs that has currently raised nearly $2,000 of its $15,000 goal.  

“The surgery went as well as it could considering the circumstances; however, in a few months she will undergo another surgery to reattach the portion of her skull that was removed,”Robinson wrote the page for the fundraiser. 

“She faces a long road of rehabilitation and therapies, in the hopes that she will be fully functional to work again.”

According to the Post Sgt. Steven Moore from the Michigan State Police said that the authorities are still investigating this incident.