Michigan Woman Steals over $1,000 of Walmart Merchandise


After allegedly stealing more than $1,000 from Walmart over several month, a Michigan woman was charged with first-degree fraud in retail.

TeddyJo Marie Fliam was 34 when a Walmart loss prevention associate approached him on July 1. He said that he had noticed Fliam didn’t scan items as she checked in at the self checkout lane. StatementFrom the police  

According to police, Fliam became upset when Fliam’s associate confronted Fliam after she left and denied she had been stealing.

Police allege that Fliam had not scan over $1,000 in merchandise since April 2022 after reviewing the footage at the self-checkout. 

Police reported that Fliam was then called by the Walmart associate who called police to report retail fraud.

According to the police report, Fliam was detained at her residence on Sept. 29 after Fliam was granted an arrest warrant by the county prosecutor. 

Fliam was charged with first-degree fraud in retail on October 18, according to police. 

Over the last few years, the crackdown on theft in large retailers has grown. In 2019, Walmart started using artificial intelligence to monitor what is being scanned and what ends in the shopper’s bag at self checkout. Fox News reported.

“Walmart is making a true investment to ensure the safety of our customers and associates,”According to Fox News, a Walmart spokesperson spoke out in 2019. “Over the last three years, the company has invested over half a billion dollars in an effort to prevent, reduce and deter crime in our stores and parking lots. We are continuously investing in people, programs, and technology to keep our stores and communities safe.”

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