Mickey Guyton Talks ‘Sounds of the Season’ Pentatonix Collaboration and How She’s Spending the Holidays


Mickey Guyton and Pentatonix are set to team up for an exciting holiday special, Cracker Barrel’s Sounds of the Season: Together Again. The country singer and the acapella group will sing all of your favorite Christmas tracks, of course, in their own style. During an interview with PopCulture.com, Guyton opened up about collaborating with Pentatonix for the special and shared how she’ll be spending the holiday season. 

Sounds of the Season: Together Again is set to premiere on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook and YouTube channels on Wednesday starting at 8 p.m. ET. The feature, which is 30 minutes long, will see Guyton and Pentatonix singing tracks such as “O Holy Night” and “Evergreen.” Ahead of the special’s premiere, Guyton shared what it was like to collaborate with Pentatonix, which includes singers Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee. 

(Photo: Cracker Barrel/Sounds of the Season: Together Again)

“Pentatonix are incredible human beings,’ she told PopCulture.com. “I always get nervous meeting such massive celebrities because you just never know. But they are truly loving and kind people.” The “All American” singer went on to say that it was “such an honor to get to spend a day with Pentatonix” while filming the holiday special. Naturally, Sounds of the Season will see Guyton and Pentatonix sharing their own takes on Christmas classics. However, the Grammy nominee said that you won’t have to worry too much about them taking an unorthodox route when it comes to the well-known songs. 

Guyton said that the “classics are classics” and added that “it was really important to stay true to their original sound with a little country flair.” Sounds of the Season offers fans a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit. But, how is Guyton spending the holidays (aside from singing some Christmas classics)? She’ll be spending the holiday with her parents, her husband Grant Savoy, and her son nine-month-old son Grayson. 

“My parents do an international cookout competition every year where we make recipes and then pick whose tastes the best,” she explained. “I really look forward to that. For now, my son is almost a year old so I’m really looking forward to seeing his face on Christmas morning with a couple of presents under the tree.”