Middlesbrough is praised “taking the p***”The FA Cup tie: Chelsea in the seat of his pants


Middlesbrough fans have made fun of it. “taking the p***”By putting up for auction 3,200 tickets more for their FA Cup clash against Chelsea over the weekend.

Away Chelsea fans were banned from the match, except for tickets bought before March 10. This is due to sanctions against Roman Abramovich. To preserve the integrity of the game, the Blues asked that it be played behind closed doors.

After backlash from football fans, Thomas Tuchel’s team was forced to make a humiliating u-turn. Boro has now made it possible to purchase more tickets after the Blues returned tickets to the club because of government sanctions.

One fan tweeted: “Boro are actually taking the p***”

“S***housery of the highest order. All the time in the world for this,”Another fan made fun of the emojis by clapping.

Another fan laughed: “They went ahead and sold away fans ticket allocation to their own fans!”

“I love this! Rubbing salt in Chelsea’s wounds already. Please knock them out Boro,”A fourth tweet.

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Tuchel's side are travelling to the North East via coach
Tuchel’s coach takes them to the North East.

Already, Middlesbrough has made it to the quarter-finals in the FA Cup. Steve Gibson’s team has beaten Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

Boro is the Championship side left, alongside Nottingham Forest.