Mike Tyson’s throwback video shows him hitting the pads


After some videos of Tyson as a youth appeared on social media, boxing fans were reminded how powerful and skilled he was.

Tyson’s professional debut was at the age of 18 and he became the world champion in heavyweight two years later.

He is still the youngest boxer to ever win a world title at that weight. The video that surfaced on social media shows how hard he worked to get there.

This clip of Tyson, aged 19, apparently shows him practicing on his pads with a trainer.

The teenager’s power and intensity even made the trainer nervous. He appears to be shying away from punches on several occasions.

Mike Tyson shows off his immense power in a throwback video that has emerged
Mike Tyson showcases his power in a throwback clip that has been released

Fans were amazed at the talent and power Iron Mike could produce at such an early age.

@PolitiksCommon declared: “Mike Tyson in his prime was the greatest defensive fighter of all time.”

“I cannot imagine how painful it would be to get hit by Mike,”@pmurtha88

@kevospacebound2 also added: “He is literally the definition of speed and power, the best combination in a fight.”

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Fans were quick to point out that Tyson’s coach was unable to handle the fighter’s strength at times during the exercise.

@bigbrownhottie posted: “This part took me… buddy thought he was in danger for a split second.”

“Imagine even getting your hand hit by Mike. Lol at the trainer backing up,” @money_luvs added.

And @satanshappyhour observed “My entire body hurts from watching the coach take those pad hits. Just absolutely ridiculous.”

Tyson's power even as a teenager was terrifying
Tyson’s power as a teenager was scary

Tyson’s professional career lasted more than 15 years. In 2005, he was defeated by Kevin McBride, a journeyman fighter.

The American has appeared in exhibitions since, though – the first just coming a year later in an unscored bout against Corey Sanders.

His most recent appearance came in November 2020 when he and Roy Jones Jr, a boxing legend, fought a draw in what was a huge pay-per-view success.