Mila Kunis shares Everything She Eats In One Day.


Recent interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Mila Kunis shared with fans what she eats every day, including avocado toast and protein smoothies. The actress revealed her Ukrainian and Russian heritage, as well as the foods she eats. 

What Does Kunis Eat For Breakfast?

Kunis, like most moms, needs to get up early to meet her children. The actress returns home after taking her children to school and has breakfast. “My typical breakfast is the leftovers that my children didn’t eat in the morning,” Kunis laughed. 

“I have this thing against wasting food, so I’ll eat their leftovers, which isn’t always satiating,”The actress elaborated. Kunis explained that she adds avocado toast to leftovers to boost her energy for the rest. 

How Kunis connects to her Ukrainian heritage through food

Kunis also shared that her mother, who lives only 15 minutes away, often drops by and visits her. “unbelievable” food. “Russian meals [are] like, a lot of food, at all times,” Kunis explained. She was born in Ukraine, but speaks Russian, as that was the country’s main language during her childhood years. When she was seven years old, her family immigrated to America. 

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“Russians, or Ukrainians—I know we’re living in a time where I don’t even know what to call myself anymore,”The actress laughed. “They like to pickle things, mostly because we had winters, and so that’s how you survived: by pickling food. So we pickle everything.”

Pickled watermelon was a favorite of the actress, as well as other Russian dishes like borscht or smoked herring. Kunis also said that her mother makes excellent chicken soup, and beef stroganoff. “My mom is an incredible cook … she still thinks she’s cooking for four people when really it’s just her and my dad, and so when I had kids, she started cooking for all of us.”

Kunis: ‘We Always Have Ice Cream’

Kunis even dished about her family’s takeout habits. “I love to order food that I don’t make,”She listed Indian food, Thai cuisine, and sushi as her top choices. She also shared a sweet secret with us: “My husband and I open the freezer and have ice cream every night [after the kids go to bed].”

“We always have ice cream,”She went on. “I love ice cream. It’s my favorite food group.”Which ice cream brand is her favorite? “Thrifty Brand ice cream,” Kunis shared. “Chocolate Malted Crunch.”Kunis and her family eat traditional Russian cuisines, takeout, and late-night icecream. 

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