Mila Kunis Supposedly Scared By Demi Moore Talking about Ashton Kutcher In ‘Erotic podcast,’ Questionable Tipster Said


Mila KunisAnd Demi MooreSharing intimate secrets Ashton Kutcher. Twelve months ago Gossip CopKunis fears what Moore could reveal about her “erotic podcast”Her husband. Let’s look back on that story and see if anything actually happened.

‘Mila’Fury Over ‘Sex Mad’ Demi’

According to A New IdeaKunis was at a loss for words over Moore’s comments about her husband on a new podcast. A “worried pal”The Family Guy star says Kunis “already suffered humiliation” over Moore’s 2019 memoir. “It’s just too much but there’s nothing they can do about it,”The insider claimed. “Mila never shows it, but she’s always been deeply insecure about Demi and this is her idea of a nightmare.”

Talk about a nightmare. Moore never launched an erotic podcast, so this story was easy to refute. She wasn’t launching a podcast at all. Sana Feste hired her as a voice actor for a scripted podcast. It had no mention of Kutcher. Kunis did not have to worry about it. Gossip CopThis story has been debunked.

Did the Podcast Take Place?

Moore created her educational podcast “Dirty Diana”This story was published months ago. It’s a passion project for Moore and has nothing to do with her ex-husband. You don’t need to follow a path of vengeance for every career move. Six episodes of scripted drama were produced. The story was a hoax.

Kunis was the focus of the tabloids, who tried to make drama between Moore and Kunis. In reality, Kutcher and Kunis remained mum on Moore’s memoir. Kutcher was a target of the media, but she wasn’t attacked in return. They’re still very much in love, as any cursory glance on social media will tell you. Here’s a video of them proving they bathe their children.

Another Tall Tale About Kutcher and Kunis

A New IdeaKutcher claimed that he was openly in love with Reese Witherspoon during the set of Mine or your Place. Kutcher and Witherspoon are happily married. This tabloid also reported in 2018 that Kutcher was angry over Kunis’s flirtation with Justin Theroux. It creates a new marital crisis every few months for the couple and they continue to persist. This story is completely false.

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