Mila Kunis Supposedly Treating Ashton Kutcher ‘Like A Child’ Amid Relationship Disputes, Dubious Insider Insists


Does Mila KunisTreat Ashton KutcherAs if he were a third-child? One report says he doesn’t do his part around the house, so Kunis has to belittle him to do anything. Gossip Cop investigates.

Kunis insults her Beau?

According to Life & StyleKunis believes she is the mother of three children. According to an insider “Mila bosses him around to try to get him to do his part with chores and parenting.” Kutcher spends too much time on the computer for Kunis’ liking as well. According to the insider, “When he neglects simple housekeeping duties, she’ll scream at him. If Mila could, she would put Ashton in a time-out at least once a day.”

Consider what Life & StyleIt claims here that it has sources. inside Kunis and Kutcher’s home. This so-called insider is privy to incredibly personal details like Kutcher’s screen time and skills at chores. The list of people who even know Kutcher’s computer usage is extremely small, and no one on that list would ever talk to this crummy outlet.

It’s shocking that she loves her husband.

In reality, Kunis supports her husband’s computer time. After all, he is a venture capitalist. Stephen Colbert was the recipient of glowing praises. This story makes Kutcher look immaculate and casts Kunis as a shining example. HoneymoonersIt’s a nagging wife in a grotesque role. It’s regressive and embarrassing.

Kunis and Kutcher are in lockstep about their parenting. The funny video shows how the two of them bathe their children. Gossip Cop can’t speak for what happens behind closed doors, but then again, neither can Life & Style.

Completely in character

From this outlet, bogus stories are the rule. Just last week it ran a story about Kunis and Kutcher’s marriage developing cracks. The same old gossip about parenting differences and rival scheduling. These That 70’s ShowStars have been best friends for decades. They were also married for six consecutive years.

Gossip CopAlso, the article on Kunis and Kutcher having trust issues was debunked. Their marriage was supposedly in crisis in February 2019 as well, yet they’re still happily married. Life & Style has proven time and time again that it’s the last place you should go to for an accurate window in Kunis and Kutcher’s life. There’s no evidence in this story whatsoever beyond some shady sources, so you can safely disregard this as nonsense.

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