Miley Cyrus channeled Debbie Harry With a Black Mesh Mini Dress


Miley CyrusA recent Instagram post shows that the artist is drawing inspiration from a rock legend. The singer looked stunning in a black mesh minidress with combat boots. Many have compared Cyrus’s outfit to her platinum-colored hair and bangs. Debbie Harry.

Miley Loves Channeling Blondie

This isn’t the first time the two rockers have been compared. Cyrus famously covered the Blondie singer’s smash hit “Heart of Glass”It was released last year and quickly became a viral sensation. Cyrus released an official version of her performance, which you can stream or buy on TikTok. 

Cyrus wrote in the caption to her photo that Noah Cyrus, her younger sister, put her outfit together. The two sisters teamed up for a duet of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” for Cyrus’ NBC New Year’s Eve special. The special was hosted by Cyrus and Pete Davidson, a SNL star. 

Cyrus is receiving a lot attention for her Blondie-inspired outfit. Cyrus wore a silver haltertop and miniskirt during her final performance of the special. 

Her NYE Wardrobe Malfunction

While singing her hit “Party In The U.S.A.” Cyrus’ halter came undone. She was able to catch her top before it fell, but she had no choice but to go backstage and change into the red blazer that she wore earlier in her show, while her band performed. 

The singer made fun of the wardrobe problem on Instagram. She uploaded a photo with the caption of her performing in the silver ensemble. “Get a good look at the top that didn’t stay on very long.” 

Throughout the show, Cyrus wore many other trendy outfits. Cyrus wore many different outfits throughout the show, including a little-black dress, a red catsuit, and a miniskirt and sequined bandeau shirt. 

New Music

Cyrus also debuted a new song during the New Year’s special called “You.”Fans begged her quickly to release an official version with only one person. “NEED THIS ON SPOTIFY IMMEDIATELY.” 

Cyrus responded by saying, “This song is so new I haven’t even recorded it yet. Just wanted to do something special for YOU all!”While no word is yet available on whether an album will be released, many Cyrus fans hope that Cyrus will continue to release music in 2022.