Miley Cyrus goes pantless in shoe promotion on Instagram


Instagram promotions Miley Cyrus proved why she’s the perfect celebrity to draw attention to her posts. Yesterday, the singer wore nothing but her pants to promote a new Gucci sneaker. As Cyrus struck a series of poses, her millions of followers were more drawn to her toned physique rather than the shoes she advertised. 

Miley Cyrus had her fans’ complete attention after sharing a five-picture post on Instagram. Although Cyrus used the social media platform to advertise the latest Gucci shoes, her followers were understandably distracted by the singer’s fit body. Cyrus chose a minimalistic approach to her outfit for the post. The post was a minimalistic one, however. ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer flaunted her abs in a tiny black crop top accompanied by a matching thong. 

Each of these are described in detail. Cyrus includes five photosTo better show the sneakers, she took a new pose. But fans were surprised with Cyrus’s last photo, which featured her topless as she positioned herself to better feature the shoes. All of the pictures appeared to be taken in Cyrus’s extravagant closet, which was packed with other shoes and a dazzling Gucci dress in the background. 

Miley Cyrus is now sporting lots of Gucci fashion after staying relatively low-key the past few weeks. November 2, Cyrus was there for the Gucci Love Parade fashion show.

In fact, she wore the same blue fringe gown that she featured in her last post. The Gucci fashion show featured A-listers such as Billie Eilish and Dakota Johnson. 

It’s no surprise Cyrus was invited to the recent Gucci fashion show. The luxury brand also announced that Cyrus would be attending the Gucci fashion show in June. Miley Cyrus was the face behind its new fragrance, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum.

The result is, naturally, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer appeared at the fashion show and advertised the brand’s new sneakers, which Cyrus claimed sold quickly. “The shoe that sold itself,”Cyrus captioned her Instagram post. 

Miley Cyrus Has a New Boyfriend

During the Gucci fashion show, Cyrus not only dazzled in an eye-catching blue gown, but she also appeared to have a new love interest. At the event, Cyrus was seen holding hands with Maxx Morlando (drummer for Liily). An unnamed insider claims that the couple were also seen together in Nashville, Tennessee in July. While there’s been no official confirmation regarding the status of the relationship, it seems Cyrus and Morando continue to spend time with each other.