Miley Cyrus Reposts One of Her Most Controversial Images


11 years ago, she was in the middle of losing her child star status. Miley CyrusDid something bold. It was something most Disney legends would never do. On social media, she posted a picture of herself smoking a huge bong that her boyfriend was lighting. Although it may not seem like much compared to what celebrities do, it was still quite edgy for a former Disney star. Even though Cyrus has since grown and matured, it was still Cyrus’s first declaration of independence. She just decided to repost it with an interesting caption.

Cannabis Holiday

Here is the famous photo:

But what you’re quick to notice is the new caption she put on this pic. “Can we petition for a national holiday?”Although Cyrus and the millions who use cannabis are sure to love it, it’s clear that the pop star is simply having fun.

‘Weed’We would like you to be open-minded

Cyrus posted the pic in 2010 and it has markedly changed how people view cannabis. Cyrus isn’t posting this pic in a world where marijuana has been legalized or decriminalized. Many more states also have medical cannabis approved.

Cannabis is a wonderful medicine that can help people with various ailments. It is no longer viewed as something that causes people to die. “stupid”Oder “lazy”. Cyrus may have helped normalize marijuana by posting the picture above.

Highly Cyrus

The fact is that marijuana smoking is not illegal. Millions do it, and there is very little shame. People love to see pictures like these. Do what you do, as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

Judging by this pic and people’s reactions to it, times have changed in the best ways possible. A shoutout also to the commenter. “Hannah Bongtana”The comment was liked by over 7,000 people and it deserves every one.

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